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About us

Welcome to SOLARMAX - Service is not just our name, but our daily business

We don't want to talk much about ourselves at this point, because the customer is our main focus of everything we do and it's nice that you are on our website here.

SOLARMAX has 25 years of experience in string and central inverters for grid-connected solar power systems, storage systems, data communication solutions and accessories for monitoring, planning and control. With conviction, innovation and passion, we make a valuable contribution to the further development of photovoltaics and thus to renewable energy supply. At the same time, we want to combine customer benefits and environmental protection. We are already thinking about tomorrow today and offer special and comprehensive know-how as a special added value. We intelligently combine this knowledge with our technical capabilities and proximity to the customer.

All of this with a focus on our customers and their customer satisfaction and also for those who are looking for good, professional and fast service and who want to become customers.

If this is what you expect from us and you want to benefit from our services, then you are in the right place in the world of SOLARMAX - More. Future. and we are happy to welcome you.

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